Featured Falcon: Kendall Kilchrist

Kilchrist, Beck & Akers receive academic honor


Alyssa Rodriguez, Staff Writer

Kendall Kilchrist is one of three Foster volleyball players who recently won a Academic All-State award. Seniors Allyson Beck and Jancee Akers also were recognized with the award.

“I’ve gotten a couple awards from the Texas Association of Volleyball Coaches, and being recognized not just as an athlete but as a student first is a really meaningful accomplishment,” Kilchrist said.

Kilchrist has played volleyball for 6 years, starting in 7th grade. The last two years of her high school career she ran a 5-1, which she set from all rotations on the court, both front and back row.

Her love for sports has challenged her to stay athletic.

“I’ve always been an athletic person,” she said. “I used to play basketball as a kid because that’s what my mom always intended for me to play. I did not know the game of volleyball and I took that as a challenge to learn. Ever since then, I’ve loved volleyball and I’ve enjoyed stepping in the court and playing with my friends.”

Though losses are something that happens in sports, she deals with a loss by correcting her mistakes, forgetting about it and preparing herself for the next game. She also adapts to every situation because her position requires that.

“I am a setter,” she said. “A setter can be compared to a quarterback. We run the court, call the plays, and keep the energy of the game up. The job of the setter is to block the second ball in every rally. We use our hands to literally “set up” the hitters. Setters usually have the most touches on the ball than anyone on the court.

Kilchrist has also played club volleyball for five years.

“I started off on the worst team when I was 13, then I moved up to the best team when I was 14,” she said. “I quit playing for half of the club and went back and went back to playing when I was 15. I played a year older at 16 and finally, I’m on my last year of club volleyball and I’m traveling to San Antonio, Round Rock and Denver, Colorado.

The Academic All-State award is given to students who excel in both academics and athletics.

“It is a big privilege to be named as an Academic All-State player,” she said. “Being recognized not just as a student but also an athlete is a really meaningful accomplishment.”