Opinion: Canvas vs Edmodo

District moves toward Canvas as online learning tool


Alyssa Rodriguez, Staff Writer

This year, the district has introduced Canvas as the online learning tool for teachers and students to use. In the past, many teachers have used Edmodo for their virtual classroom needs. Recently, I asked about 200 students if they preferred Canvas or Edmodo for their online learning.

Canvas received 124 votes out of 200, and Edmodo got 77 votes out of 200.

“I think Canvas is better because it has Naviance, and Office 360,” senior Ally Sober said. “I think they should put College Board and Apply Texas on Canvas as well so underclassmen can start early.”

Canvas is better than Edmodo because all of our courses are on the site already which means students don’t have to put in a code to access our classes. Canvas offers us a calendar, messages, and online quizzes which is better than paper quizzes because students can take the quiz it in the comfort of their home, and students can use the notes they take in class as a advantage.

“I like Edmodo more because I’m more used to it and it’s easier to access for me because we’ve been using it so long,” senior Eric Muthondu said.

Edmodo did have some good qualities. Edmodo has a backpack where we can put work that we need to come back to, a progress tab to see how far we’ve gotten, messages so we can message our teachers if there’s any confusion, and a calendar to show when certain work is due.

Although there were pros to both Edmodo and Canvas there was also cons. On Edmodo, you have to type in a code made out of letters and numbers and if you don’t you’ll miss the notes and work your teachers post on there. On Canvas, since it’s so new not everybody knows how to access it, also the teachers aren’t fully knowledge on it and they’re the ones teaching the kids.

As more teachers learn Canvas and move away from Edmodo, everyone seems to be on a learning curve.