Varsity Girls Basketball moves forward in playoffs


Danielle Jewel

Varsity girl's basketball plays against Fulshear.

Alyssa Rodriguez and N'Kayla Thomas

The varsity girls basketball team won the neutral playoff game against Brackenridge (San Antonio, TX) by a score of 72-57. Brackenridge has a overall 18-18 streak while Foster has a 22-13 streak.

Freshman Alicia Blanton scored a great 28 points with the help of senior Hanna Brock scoring 42 points all together.

“Getting this win felt good, last year the team got knocked out the first round,” Blanton said. “So to get the win this year meant a lot, and as far as scoring the most points, it’s always good to win for the team. For the next game, I expect us to go out there with some aggression and keep our composure during the game to pull out this win because I know I’m not ready to go home just yet. I can speak for the team when I say they aren’t ready to go home as well.”

Lady Falcons will play against Marble Falls in area championship February 17. For the first time in many years, the girls varsity team has made it to the second round in playoffs.