A Look Back at Culture Week for Black History Month


Yasmine Ibrahim and Alyssa Rodriguez

 Just last week, for Black History month, students had organized a week dedicated to honor black history. Considering that this was the first time they had done this, the turnout was excellent. Countless students put effort into their outfits for each day.

Although, a rap group is what inspired senior Beluchi Igboanugo to have “Culture Week,” she explains that there’s a much deeper meaning to the celebratory week.

“I wanted us to be able to celebrate the ancestors that have paved the way for equality among all races,” Igboanugo said.

Culture is a way of different people expressing themselves and coming together as a whole, and that’s exactly what our school succeeded to do. In spite of the fact that, all four of the days had a different message, the one that stood out the most was on the Friday, February 16th when students wore their cultural attire. Students used this day to flaunt their nationality.

“I really loved the culture attire day because I got the opportunity to show that I am a proud African,” sophomore Kelsey Ndzana said.

Even though it was for Black History month, every culture could participate with their own nationality.

“Friday was also Lunar New Year’s, so I got to wear my cultural attire for two reasons,” junior Kristi Tran said.

As mentioned earlier, this is the first time an event like this had been organized, and seeing that it was such a success was special news to the club members.

“Even though I graduate this year, I would love for this to continue at our school,” Igboanugo said. “It creates school spirit and gets the student body involved in the history of African-American people.”