Do’s & Don’ts during Spring Break

Even if you’re not going on a trip to the luxury Bahamas or a expensive cruise, there are no excuses to stay inside and sit on your booty. Spring Break is a time for most teenagers to plan on having endless amount of fun in the sun. Here are some ideas of what to do and not do during Spring Break.

  1. Don’t make your parents mad.

Stay on their good side, they do everything for you. If you make them mad, NO MORE SPRING BREAK.

  1. Don’t ignore your school work

You should get everything you can done during this week. If you leave it behind, you will struggle hard trying to catch up and pass for the end of the six weeks.

  1. Don’t get arrested

Obviously, no one wants this.

  1. Don’t mess up your sleep schedule

Get some rest some days. You don’t have to party every night and get home at 3 a.m. If you mess your sleeping schedule, you’re done for once school comes back.

5. Don’t spend all your money

This is common sense; spring break is only a week, please don’t use your lifetime savings.

  1. Be careful, but have fun!

There are many cool places to go to during Spring Break, and here are some examples:

Cockrell Butterfly Center  5555 Hermann Park Dr. Houston, Texas 77030. ($9)

Discovery Green 1500 McKinney Houston, Texas 77010.  (FREE)

Museum of Fine Arts 1001 Bissonnet Avenue Houston, Texas 77007.  ($15) but,  if you go on thursday’s you can get in free.

Royal Purple Raceway 2525 FM 565 Baytown, Texas 77523.  ($25)

The Menil Collection 1533 Sul Ross Street Houston, Texas 77006.  (FREE)