Transitioning to a 4-day school week benefits students, teachers

Photo by: Sebastien Wiertz via Flickr

Photo by: Sebastien Wiertz via Flickr

Tes Sullivan, Assistant Editor

A Colorado school district recently announced that for the next school year they will be transitioning to a 4-day school week instead of the normal 5-day week. They’re attempting to do this in order to save money for the district and draw in teachers to stay.

A 4-day school week would benefit students and teachers alike if school districts were to implement this system. In addition to the obvious longer weekends, benefits would include lower stress rates, higher attendance rates as well as higher grades.

Stress rates would be lowered because students and teachers would have one extra day to rest on the weekends. Having one extra day to rest or study independently allows students to manage their time with what they feel they need. Additionally, students would have more time for extracurriculars, part-time jobs, as well as volunteer and community services.

Attendance rates would also increase if school districts transition to a 4-day school week. By having an extra day for the weekends, students would be more incentivised to go for the entire week instead of taking a day off themselves to catch up on work and assignments.

Students would have more time to study and review material for their classes, therefore leading to higher testing scores and higher grades overall. Students would be able to independently study to be able to focus on the areas of study they feel they need to focus on.

Overall, transitioning to a 4-day school week has many benefits for students and teachers.