Preparing for graduation and staying focused


Photo courtesy of Rich Creativepopup via Flickr CC

Tes Sullivan, Assistant Editor

As graduation gets closer and closer, the motivation levels for seniors continue to drop. A term coined “senioritis,” which according to Merriam-Webster Dictionary means “an ebbing of motivation and effort by school seniors as evidenced by tardiness, absences, and lower grades,” becomes more evident as seniors start to prepare for graduation.

Senioritis can be harmful for seniors because it can cause a drop in grades and overall performance in school. Depending on how much seniors grades slip, colleges can rescind their acceptance letters and scholarships can be revoked. Just because it’s almost the end, seniors assume that they can slack off and not care about their grades and discipline anymore.

Seniors can try different things to avoid falling into the senioritis mindset, such as focusing on goals past their graduation, creating new challenges for themselves, and participating senior-specific privileges.

Focusing on goals past their graduation can help seniors stay motivated because it helps seniors stay focused through the end of the year. If seniors start slacking off the last few weeks of school before graduation, that lack of motivation is habit forming and can cause them to be even less motivated their first year of college.

In addition, creating new challenges throughout the entire year can help seniors stay occupied and focused on school. One of the reasons seniors begin to lose motivation towards the end of the year is because grades and assignments are wrapping up and coming to an end. If there isn’t much work left to do, seniors can start becoming unmotivated and unwilling to work on assignments that are still left. By creating smaller goals throughout the year all the way to graduation, it will help seniors remain motivated.

Participating in senior-specific privileges such as decorating overalls for homecoming, participating in Senior KNAP Day, and going on senior-specific field trips can also motivate seniors to finish the year well. Remaining involved in the school activities keeps seniors focused and motivated through the end of the year to graduation.

Overall, while it is hard to remain focused through to the end of the year, by focusing past graduation, creating new challenges, and participating in senior-specific privileges, seniors are more likely to remain focused and finish the year well.