Featured Falcon: Ashley Bilicek

Photo courtesy of Ashley Bilicek

Lauren Prince, Editor-in-Chief

Every year, one hard working senior student is named valedictorian. To become valedictorian, the student must have the highest GPA in his or her graduating class. For the class of 2018, this student is Ashley Bilicek.

“I was completely surprised,” Bilicek said. “It was not something I ever expected to happen, so when I found out, I was completely shocked, excited, and ecstatic.”

This honor came as a surprise to Bilicek because it wasn’t always her goal.

“My goal was to always do as well as I could, but I never specifically set out a goal to become valedictorian,” Bilicek said.

Bilicek studied with using a many resources.

“I studied using a variety of techniques, such as, Quizlet, flashcards, Khan Academy, YouTube, cram sheets, and study groups,” Bilicek said. “I would really recommend studying in study groups with your pers because it allows you to have a better understanding of the material you are trying to learn. It is also allows for collaboration with other students which can help open up new avenues to learning the information.”

Not only did Bilicek spend her time studying, but she also worked hard in extracurricular activities.

“I am the Vice President of Power Set, a member of National Honor Society, an AP Ambassador, a member of student council, a DECA member, I am a pianist, altar server at Sacred Heart Catholic Church, and I was on the volleyball team my freshman year,” Bilicek said.

To become the valedictorian, Bilicek had to study hard as well balance her time with all of her extracurriculars.

“I think the most important way to balance your time between extracurricular activities and school is staying organized through lists and planners,” Bilicek said. “Also, making sure you know your limits, and prioritize your schedule based on what is important to you.”

Bilicek also had advice to people who would like to follow in her footsteps as valedictorian.

“If you want to be the future valedictorian, you need to take every assignment, quiz, test, and lab report seriously throughout your entire high school career because every little thing counts in the end,” Bilicek said. “You do not have to sign up for every sing AP course that is offered to become valedictorian. At the end of the day, your academic success is what really determines this position.”

Bilicek plans to go to Texas A&M and major in Chemical Engineering.