Teacher dress code


Photo from Roberto Ventre on flickr

Chandler Goldreyer, Staff Writer

Student dress codes are often a topic of discussion. There are other dress codes, though, that nobody turns their head towards. Teacher dress codes also exist. Teachers at Foster, for example, are expected to remain “business casual” and fairly modest. They can wear jeans on weekly Casual Fridays, as well as t-shirts, as long as the shirt has a print related to Foster High School or one of its clubs.

After asking a few teachers, it seems that most teachers don’t have much of a problem with their dress code.

“The dress code for teachers is appropriate,” world history teacher Mrs. Stewart said. “It doesn’t inconvenience me at all. I don’t wish anything was different. I think teachers should dress professionally and look different than the students. I have no problem no with the dress code.”

“I believe that business casual works just fine in the school environment,” finance teacher Mrs. Scott said. “The business casual dress code reflects attire suitable for the workplace which should be clean, unwrinkled, & professional looking.”

Some teachers find the dress code suitable, but maybe wish for a few changes.

“It doesn’t really inconvenience me,” English and creative writing teacher Mrs. Cluff said. “Once I knew what the expect, I planned for it. I think that business casual is suitable. If I could change it though, I wish we could wear jeans whenever, not just on Friday.”

Some changes have been made to the dress code over the years, though. Not all of these changes are welcome by all the teachers.

“What I wish were different about our current dress code this year would be to bring back the weekly ‘Wear your college shirt with jeans Mondays.'” Mrs. Scott said. “I wore my Texas A&M shirts as well as University of Houston shirts since my grandson will be graduating from there next year.”

While a lot of teachers longed for jeans, most teachers still agreed that the dress code was suitable and that it made sense for teachers to look more professional than students.