Opinion: Useless Lockers


N'Kayla Thomas

Closer view and understanding of lockers

Alyssa Rodriguez and N’Kayla Thomas

With only two weeks of school left, out of roughly 2,000 people we’ve seen nobody use their locker but, as we all know high school is not how we see on TV. They show perfect lives, cliques meeting at lockers, amazing parties, and everyone looking like movie stars, but in reality, high school is nothing like that. As a matter of fact no one truly uses their lockers and surely don’t even bother meeting up at a locker. Why don’t we use lockers? What’s the point, when we have a backpack which we barely have things in and the people who are required to study books take them home. In our opinion, the lockers that we have are just decorations.

We interviewed one student from every grade level, and none of them had ever used their lockers.

Lockers are becoming a thing of the past, over the years schools have been phasing out lockers. Students no longer use textbooks, and don’t need a place to store heavy books. Everything goes in backpacks because we want our items with us at all times.

The internet takes a big role in our useless lockers. To access a textbook, we don’t have to get it from a office and hold it; we just type in the name on our devices and it’s all we need. For notes we can go on Edmodo or Canvas and screenshot whatever we need, and look up any needed definitions on the online dictionary so we don’t have to carry one.

We’re in school for 8 hours a day, so a locker is supposed to be like a home and personal place to put personal belongings.  As juniors and seniors, and being in the school 3 and 4 years we’ve personally seen no one take interest in the lockers unless they’re sitting by them having a conversation. Lockers are basically a middle school thing now.

With all the inactive use in lockers and the excessive use of internet who knows what the future takes hold of. They may renovate schools to where they won’t have lockers or keep them for decoration and the “high school” feeling.