Featured Falcon: Yahir Ramos


Deliyla Mendoza

Featured Falcon: Yahir Ramos

Deliyla Mendoza, Editor-in-Chief

Back and forth, needy and helpless, trying to get out of a situation no one would ever tend to be in, Ramos calls his older brother for help. 

Sophomore Yahir Ramos turns to his older brother when ever he is in need. His older brother Raulito Ramos never fails to be there. 

“I called my brother knowing anything I told him was safe, I knew he wouldn’t judge me and I knew how he once felt about this topic knowing he lived it,” Yahir said. “I hesitated for a minute. Hung up, then called him again. I repeated to do so about three times until the fourth time he picked up before I could hang up the phone.” 

Raulito Ramos answers the phone. 

“We talked for about an hour, he told me how important I was and that everything I went through I wasn’t alone,” Yahir said. “Since that day I’ve gone to him about everything; we speak about three times a week and every time we speak we talk about school, family, my friends, sports, and basically just about anything.”

Many people have heard the saying “blood is thicker than water” the relationship Ramos has with his brother is an actual representation of that saying. 

“My brother was a big impact on me because no matter the situation I was in good or bad he was always there for me and he never judged any of my mistakes I made,” Yahir Ramos said.

Most people look up to their older siblings as role models, they tend to pick up habits from them and learn from their mistakes.

“My brother is someone that doesn’t take anything from anyone he’s one to speak his mind when called upon, he’s motivating, he’s caring, he’s funny, and he’s sometimes loveable,” Yahir said 

“It’s not everyday that you’re in a good mood there’s just some days where you’re tired and you don’t want to be messed with and there are some days where you’re happy and in an energetic mood,” Yahir said. “Many of my “off days” I’ve always felt like I didn’t have anyone to talk to at the time and I felt as if I couldn’t do anything but sit there and stare at the ceiling.”