Featured Falcon: Kyle Guinn


Jordan Leighty, Writer

With only four to six hours of sleep a night, Kyle Guinn spent his week going to three colorguard rehearsals, performing at the football game, performing at a competition, completing homework, and working, just to know the cycle would continue the next week.  This was junior year though. 

Kyle Guinn, now a senior, still spends his weeks balancing all the same activities. Although most would shy away from the challenges of such a busy lifestyle, Kyle has mastered the art of balancing it. 

Even though Guinn is always keeping himself constantly occupied, he knows that his busy schedule is preparing him for his future in college where his time will be spent similarly balancing his classes. 

“It’s going to help me with my organization skills and prioritizing the important stuff so that way I don’t procrastinate,” he adds. “I’m planning on hopefully attending UT in Dallas and getting a bachelor’s degree in Fine Arts and Communication. If not there, then I’ve also applied to University of Houston downtown.” 

Guinn’s strategy of coping with his busy schedule is to do what he loves to do so that it doesn’t feel like a chore to him. 

“I’d say probably performing is one of the best things to do because when you’re out there on that field or stage or wherever and you just have everyone cheering for you and your team, that’s one of the greatest feelings you could ever have,” he says. 

Guinn doesn’t seem to be bothered by a busy schedule because he does what he enjoys doing. He has discovered the secret to stand the rush of life and how to remind himself of his numerous tasks. 

“I use the calendar off of my phone and then I just constantly have reminders posted around my Hot spots of where I go, so either on my phone or in different places around my house reminding me, hey this needs to be done today or so on so forth,” Guinn said. “Just take things one step at a time get one job done then move on to the next and don’t stress out about everything that’s piling up.” 

Once in a while, between his hobbies and school, Guinn finds himself with some time to relax. 

“Whenever I’m bored, I don’t like to sit around and watch TV or anything,” Guinn said. I go outside and I’ll spin. I’ll do somethingI like to spin, but then I also like to go out with friends, watch movies, just anything that’s fun.” 

 “I just keep pushing through,” Guinn said. It’s just something that I love to do so I just keep goingI just love what I do and enjoy it.”