May I go to the restroom?


Deliyla Mendoza

Student walks into the restroom with bathroom pass.

Deliyla Mendoza, Editor-in-Chief

In this opinion piece, it’s a Q&A on how students and teachers feel about limited bathroom passes in a class for the six weeks. 

  1. How do you feel about bathroom passes? -Chidoze Nwankwo
    1. “I think bathroom passes are unnecessary because it limits the amount of time we get to go to the bathroom,” Chidoze Nwankwo said. 
  2. Why do you use bathroom passes? -Coach Kenneth Johnson
    1. “I do it because there are times when students need to use the bathroom, even myself,” Coach Kenneth Johnson said. “So we all have those times where we have to use the bathroom especially those emergency types of situations. The second reason why I only give one is simply because I believe that we run on a clock so if you have to use the bathroom at 1 o’clock, then you will use the bathroom at 1 o’clock everyday.”
  3. What do you think can be changed about bathroom passes? -Destiny Nunez
    1. “I believe bathroom passes should not be a thing,” Destiny Nunez said. “Only because you can’t control when you have to go.”
  4. Why do you use bathroom passes? -Mrs.Madeline Hine
    1. “I try to find a way to deter people from always using this class to always leave and go to the bathroom because we do so many things that every time you’re gone you miss things instantly,” geometry teacher Mrs.Hine said. “So I was just trying to give an incentive to stay, so if you do have to go to the bathroom it doesn’t hurt you but it’s better for you if you go to the bathroom during a different time.”

Writers Opinion: I feel as if bathroom passes aren’t needed. Yes, some students do take advantage of going to the bathroom but not all students are the same. Teachers should see how some students over use their privilege in going to the restroom all the time and restrict them (those students) from not going to the restroom not the whole class. I understand that some classes give more than one bathroom pass a six weeks but and individual cannot control when they have to go.