The Comeback of Minecraft

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The Comeback of Minecraft

Jordan Leighty, Writer

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 May 17, 2009. This was the date that Minecraft was released to the world. Popularity of the game has been bouncing up and down steadily, but recently, right around the 10th anniversary of the game, it has increased dramatically in popularity. 

Jacob Bush, a junior and a player of the game for more than eight years, attributes the comeback to an influencer on YouTube: PewDiePie. 

“Honestly it’s just PewDiePie, he’s a big influencer with a hundred million now,” Bush said. 

Sophia Lazcano, a senior who has been playing the game since sixth grade, claims pretty much the same reason for Minecraft’s recent resurgence in popularity. 

“The influencers came back to it and just kind of enjoyed the game instead of hopping on to the trend like they did a few years ago,” Lazcano said. 

Minecraft has such a variety of mobs from slimes to chickens, it only seems natural for a gamer to adopt a favorite. 

“I like villagers because they are actually useful,” Bush said. 

“My favorite mob definitely wolves. A little mainstream but it’s ’cause they’re always so loyal and it’s just kind of funny to have them and make little dog houses,” Lazcano said. 

Influencers in addition to bringing back the popularity to Minecraft, also contribute other things to make the game more entertaining 

“I watch some of them like CaptainSparklez and PewDiePie,” Bush said. “They’re entertaining, I mean they’re funny too. It makes the game seem more fun.” 

“For sure PewDiePie because his game of play is just so captivating. I remember when I was younger, I watched CaptainSparklez because, at the time, Hunger Games was a hot thing,” Lazcano said. “I watched them because they were engaging with their audience and they were always so funny.” 

Both Lazcano and Bush prefer to play with friends rather than play alone. 

“It’s more fun, more entertaining, more stuff to do with each other, mess around, also troll each other,” Bush said. 

“You have people there to talk to instead of just kind of being alone with your thoughts, and you can also make builds way funner, just kind of pull little pranks and stuff,” Lazcano said. 

Sophia finds Minecraft entertaining and relaxing for when she finds herself with some free time. 

It’s a really fun game, and I think it’s gonna stay timeless forever because you really can’t go wrong with a game like that.”

— Lazcano