Minimum waged Falcons

Students with jobs

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Minimum waged Falcons

Ria Henrquez, Staff Member

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Most students, particularly juniors and seniors, take up part time jobs during the school year and are rarely asked about what they do or how they manage their school work and their job. It is important to share how having a job affects students and discuss the skills a job can help us develop. A select amount of Falcons were more than happy to share the details with their peers:

 Gerardo Ruiz

“I chose to work [at La Casona] because they were hiring for a good opportunity, and I have a passion to work for a restaurant business.”

“I work at least 30 hours a week, and it does take time away from school but I always make it work.”

“I plan on staying at this job for a couple of months because there are always better opportunities for me. If I am given one I won’t hesitate to take it.” 

 Sharlyne Dimalanta

“I chose to work at Sonic because it’s close to my house and there’s flexible hours.”

“My responsibilities include cleaning up the store, making drinks and ice cream, bagging food, and taking food to people as well as handing money.”

“This job has helped me with counting back change, being nice and friendly to people (even if I have to fake it), handling situations well with customers or when it’s busy, managing my money, and working quickly.”

 Leo Benitez

“I chose [to work at Steinhauser’s] because I love animals and the location of the job was very convenient.”

“Some pet peeves I have are when customers can’t back up to the loading dock where we load their things and when the weather is really hot and we’re outside in jeans.”

“This job has helped me in learning much more about animals and about the goods we sell. It’s also helped me with social skills from talking to customers all the time.” 

Jared Martin

“I chose to work at the YMCA because I like sports.”

“I teach kids how to play different sports, referee games, and supervise youth practices.”

“The environment at the Y is very friendly and positive. The Y is a job where you can still be yourself and have fun while working.”

“My job has helped me take responsibility for my actions. It has made me more self sufficient. I feel like I’ve grown to be more independent with my job. I rely on others a lot less. It also helps me learn the right ways to maintain money.”


Kaylah Cruz

“[I chose to work at Chick-fil-a] to take on the responsibility, and to be in a christian based environment.”

“I work around 40-50 hours every 2 weeks and at the beginning it was a struggle for school but I’ve learned to manage.”

“My job has helped in many ways by improving my communication skills, showing 100% on my work ethic, and maintain eye contact and sharing a smile while talking to guests.”