Featured Falcon: Mrs.Roman


Aaliyah Bolanos, Writer

Being a teacher isn’t always easy and fun teachers face some obstacles over there journey of becoming and being a teacher. Mrs. roman a Spanish teacher at foster high school loves what she does and is glad she choose that career.

Mrs. Romans been a Spanish teacher for 5 years now she’s learned so much in those years . she has 2 daughters she loves dearly and will do anything for .she puts her family and her work before anything.

 Mrs. roman says, “I enjoy teaching because it gives me an opportunity to be a positive impact in students’ lives.”

She faces some struggles, but it got easier by the time she never lost hope on her work and her teaching skills.

Says Mrs. roman “It was a matter of managing my time although Spanish is my first language I have to review all grammar lessons and learn how to teach it.

Mrs. Roman never thought she would become a teacher but now she loves her job and is thankful that she is a Spanish teacher.

Mrs. Roman says “Spanish is my first language and I’m proud  to be able to teach it to others and help them learn and understand the Spanish language .