The microwave situation…


Jordan Leighty, Writer

Students whiz past in the hallway when the bell rings for lunch in rushed blurs. It doesn’t matter which lunch either; A, B, or C all the same story. These people all need the microwaves. 

With only three microwaves, the students are forced to wait in lines, dozens at a time. The people in the back can only pray for enough time to eat in a timely manner. 

Madison King, a freshman, who brings food to heat up at least four times a week, shares her thoughts on the microwave lines. 

It’s long and boring,” King said. “There’s normally about 7 to 10 [people] and it feels like 20.” 

Lola Trujillo, a freshman, who brings her food to heat up almost every day has found a solution to decrease the wait time. 

“A solution would be to make people share the microwave instead of putting one in at a time,” Trujillo said.  

Freshman Gabby Douglas, who heats up her food at least three times a week has found another solution. 

“I think if they just added maybe one more, two more microwaves it’d be okay,” Douglas said. “We’d have more division, this person could go there, there and then we wouldn’t have to wait as long.”

Douglas has had some encounters with hangry students, but she chooses to be optimistic about the situation. 

“You add one more thing in the microwave, and they look like they’re about to blow,” Douglas said. “I always enjoy the conversations I have here with my friends while waiting.” 

It has become abundantly clear that a solution to the microwave line situation is desperately needed. Even though short-term solutions like heating up several dishes at one time help for now, a long-term solution is the most effective. An additional microwave would decrease the wait time for students which would give students more time to eat their food.