O’ Canada

Hurry and sign up for the Canada trip at Mrs.Meyers room in 1351.


Information for the Canada trip is provided by Mrs. Meyer.

Eliah George, Writer

Why did you pick Canada as the travel destination? 

Mrs.Meyer: I’ve always wanted to go to Canada plus it gives the kids the opportunity to experience someplace other than their home state. In addition, it gives them the European feel without having to travel overseas. 

What sites and activities will you see and participatin while in Canada? 

Mrs.Meyer: We’re going to go to the underground city in Montreal were also going to go to the Olympic Tower where they had the Olympics in 1976. In addition, we’re also going to the Biodome which is actually contained in the same grounds as the Olympic Tower, it’s basically Moody gardens but all in one building instead of split upNext, we’re going to the Citadel in Quebec City then, we’re going to visit the archaeological museum. Then we’re going to participate in every reenactment from the War of 1812, the most fun part is there going to eat at a traditional sugar shack which is where they make maple syrup. So, the sugar shack is where they harvest sap from the maple trees and convert that into maple syrup, so a lot of their food is maple syrup based. They also make maple syrup taffy which is where they pour the syrup on the ice and then you can scrape it off and eat it.” 

What is the date that the trip will be on? 

Mrs.Meyer: We’re looking at leaving June 10th and coming back June 15th so right after school ends.” 

How many people do you have for this trip already, and how many people do you need? 

Mrs.Meyer: So, we have to have at least 10 students currently I have nine have but I have 2 students who might cancel due to conflicts so I have four spots still available, but I can get more spots if needed.” 

What do you need for the trip? 

Mrs.Meyer: You do need a passport because it’s out of the country, so your parents have to get a passport for you in addition there are forms that have to be filled out prior to the date of departure for  and for cost information you can see me at room 1351 or email me at [email protected].org.