Deliyla Mendoza

Senior Londyn Rodriguez dances in Foster's pink out mini pep-rally.

Deliyla Mendoza and Aaliyah Bolanos

Name of organization: Foster Flairs

Sponsors: Mrs.Chauvin and Mrs.Fuller

Who are they? The Flairs Drill Team are a performing, competition team of dancers and perform at various events and activities through out the year.  The team participates in team camp over the summer; learning all of their routines for football season, pep rallies, and competitions.  An outside company is brought in to teach fall routines and various choreographers are hired to choreograph and teach the team routines for contest season.  They also work on routines performed in the stands while at football games and spirit line.

Time and place of meetings (practice): The Flairs practice 3 days per week, starting at 7:30am. We practice in the main gym and outside on the bus ramp.  From time to time, we practice beginning at 7am to have extra time for conditioning, strengthening, and building technique.

Activities: The Flairs Perform at all varsity football games during half time and  pep rallies.  They also compete at Houston area High Schools against surrounding area schools.  At the end of the year, the Flairs host their annual Spring Show to be performed in the FHS auditorium.  On top of performances, the Flairs have assisted with the Lunches of Love program, raise money to be donated to a breast cancer awareness program, host a dance clinic, march in the Fort Bend County Fair parade – by rotation, and help promote and build school spirit at Foster High School.

Additional information about the club: By being a member of the Flairs Drill Team, these young ladies are not only given the opportunity of performing, but are also required to rise to a very high standard of expectations to include, learning and building time management skills,  strong qualities of good and positive character, moral and ethical standards, along with discipline, independence, and excellent organizational skills.

1.) What do you find challenging about being a Flair and why?

Londyn Rodriguez- “What I find challenging in Flairs is leaving my team after I graduate.”

Viviana Parada- “Some challenges for me being a Flair and an Officer is getting every routine super clean and sharp in time for a performance.”

Samantha Santibanes- “Time management can sometimes be a challenge at times since you have to be fully committed to being there for every practice or performance. As well as for your team.”

2.) What do you enjoy about being a Flair and why?

L R- “The things I enjoy most about being a flair is being able to bond with my team and become more than just a team.”

V P-“My favorite thing about being a Flair is being able to dance and grow as dancers every day with my best friends.”

S S- “I enjoy everything about being a Flair but if I had to choose one thing it would be performing halftime at football games. Finally being able to showcase our routine that we worked really hard on and then seeing everyone cheer us on afterwards in the stands is such a warm hearted feeling.”

3.) What made you join Flairs?

L R- “I’ve always loved to dance and I wanted to be apart of something that could motivate me to do good and would aid me in improving myself at the same time, Flairs was the perfect opportunity.”

V P- “I joined Flairs because I wanted to be apart of an organization that had an amazing dance element, school spirit, and discipline.”

S S- “I’ve always loved to dance ever since I was little and I had never been apart of a team or been enrolled in any type of dance class so I knew trying out for Flairs would give me the opportunity to be a part of an amazing organization that not only would help me grow as a dancer but would welcome me to a sisterhood/team.”

4.) Talk about your experience as a Flair.

L R- “Some experiences I have of being a Flair is all of us having fun and becoming family. Also when it’s time to clean a dance it’s no fun and games, because we have to get so much done and clean our dance.”

V P- “My overall experience of being a Flair has been amazing yet challenging. Not only do we have to learn or relearn, clean, or create a new dance every week for an entire school year, but we also get to perform at every varsity football game, compete in competitions, and put on an awesome end of the season recital shining light on our seniors, officers, and flair parents all while making beautiful friendships and unforgettable memories.”

S S- “My experience as a flair has been nothing short of amazing. Flairs is way more than just a group of girls smiling and wearing boots and hats. Flairs has taught me so much, from learning to manage my time, to having proper etiquete, responsibility and most importantly being respectful. As any other person we all have better days than others but at the end of the day having that support system between an amazing group of girls who are always there for you to help you and pick you up when you may feel down is the best feeling. We have all learned and grown as a team and we’re constantly learning from each other. Our Directors Mrs. Chauvin and Mrs.Fuller also play a big roll by always being there for us to help us and give us advice, because at the end of the day they only want what’s best for us. I will forever be thankful towards them for all the laughter and amazing memories I have made with them and the Flairs.”

5.) How long have you been a Flair?

L R- “Almost three years.”

V P- “This is my second year being a Flair. ”

S S-“This is my second year being a Flair.”