Furious Falcons Robotics


Eliah George, Writer

If building robots and learning to program interest you Furious Falcons Robotics is the perfect club for you, in the club you’ll work with a team lead by Mr.Willeby and learn how to program and build a robot that will be entered into a competition to compete against other robots built by different schools

What is Furious Falcons Robotics? 

Mr. Willeby: Furious Falcons Robotics is the name for our robotics team, which is an extracurricular club, so we represent Foster but were extracurricular so there’s no robotics class.” 

What do you do as a club? 

Mr. WillebyThe first semester is dedicated to educating the members of the club on different elements of robotics, so they learn everything from electrical to mechanical to programming and a lot of other systems that are included in building a robot.” 

When do you meet as a group? 

Mr. Willeby: We meet every Wednesday and during the first semester it’s all educational and the second semester is when we build the actual robot.” 

How do you qualify for the club? 

Mr. Willeby: To get in the club we don’t have any restrictions other than you must show up, you do have to be eligible to go to the competitions, but the club doesn’t have any specific requirements.”  

Have you won any awards for your work as a club? 

Mr. WillebyWe haven’t won any awards but last year we did good in both the competitions we ended up placing in the top 15 so we made the playoffs basically at both competitions last year.” 

Can you describe the competition? 

Mr. WillebySo basically, the way the competition works is we have to design a robot that fits the needs of a certain objective. So last year they basically had these space shuttles and cargo ships and we have to design a robot that perform two objectives, one to pick a large ball and put it in the cargo ship or you had to pick up large disk that were cargo hatch covers and you had to pick them up and attach them to the cargo ship without a cargo hatch cover the ball couldn’t stay on the ship so you had to build a robot that did both or one really well. The way the competition works though is we’re placed in different alliances so each match you have to have two other robots from different schools, and you play twentytwo preliminary matches, so you get to try out other alliances with different teams and kind of figure out where you fit best. The preliminary matches are also scored so that the score you get determines your placing and the top eight get to choose the other 2 teams to pick their alliances to takto playoffs. If you win the competition you qualify for state, which is in Austin later in the year [it actually is a UIL event this year] and we haven’t made it that far yet but we’re looking forward to this year to see if we can make it all the way. 

What are some different positions on the staff that are responsible for building the robot and what do they do? 

Mr. Willeby: Within the organization we have student officers, so we have a president and a vice president and these kids facilitate the needs of the organization itself and help raise money to go to competitions. Within the actual robot we have different project leads we have a head of the electrical team and a head of programming and these heads all work together along with everyone else in the organization, they all communicate and lead that engineering and design process together so they can come up with the best design that fits the needs of the robot.