A migrated Falcon

The New AP


Ria Henriquez, Writer

Being surrounded by nearly two thousand new faces could seem overwhelming, but not for him. He stood tall and proud in the halls, familiarizing himself with all the people who passed him and making sure he greeted as many of them as he could. Not many people know who he is, but they are dying to get to know him. 

Daniel McGraner was hired as the new Assistant Principal for the 2019-20 school year. He was previously a teacher and a coach at Reading Junior High until he heard of the job opportunity here at Foster. He hopes to bring new ideas to the table and help the school evolve and improve. 

“Something that I’m passionate about is that I am able to give teachers encouragement,” McGraner said. “Teachers have a flame. A flame for teaching and a passion for being in the classroom with kids. One of the goals that I’ve had is that I would fan that passion-that flame, and that I would be a part of helping them grow.” 

Adjusting to a new school as an administrator can’t be easy, but it’s nothing McGraner can’t handle. He understands that there are things he’ll need help on and he can’t know everything. 

“I’m excited about what I bring to the table, but then there’s the unknown. ‘What don’t I know but I need to know?’ So you’re always asking questions to find out what you need to know to be successful,” he said. “There are times where I don’t have the answer, but I have a whole bunch of people in the building that could help me with that. And that’s the great thing, and that’s family. We gather around each other and help each other through things.” 

All four assistant principals have an alpha-split, which assigns each of them their own group of students based on their last name. Students with a last name F-Le are assigned to Mr. McGraner. Being a new administrator, he has to become familiar with these students and vice versa in order to build relationships with them. 

“I’m trying to be in the hallway and say ‘Hi’ to kids and ask them how they’re doing,” McGraner said. “At this moment I’m trying to be present. I’m trying to continue to build relationships and learn people’s names. I know I won’t learn everybody. Right now I’m focused on my alpha-split, and if I get to meet someone outside of my alpha-split, then that day is better than the one before.”

McGraner also wanted to share about his family. He has 3 boys; all three are in elementary school or younger, and they are his world. 

“When I’m not [at Foster] they are everything,” McGraner said. “I’m very family-oriented. Every kid that I come in contact with becomes a part of my family. So when I’m here, Foster is my family away from home.”