Homecoming runners


Flyer courtesy of Zachary Scott

Zachary Scott's homecoming campaign flyer

Deliyla Mendoza and Aaliyah Bolanos

Who are you representing? 

Zachery Scott: Yearbook

Devynn Robinson: Foster Flairs

Jamsmine Faniel: Track

Preston Robinson: Spanish Club

Why did you choose to run? 

Z S: “I chose to run for hoco because it would give great exposure to yearbook and journalism. It’s also my senior year and I thought I should step out of my comfort zone and do something I usually wouldn’t even dream of.”

D R: “Although, I wasn’t initially planning on running, I was nominated to represent the Foster Flairs and I am both happy and highly grateful to be selected.”

J F: “I chose to run because it’s my last year here and I thought it would be a great experience to enjoy it.”

P R: “Honestly, there are so many reasons I chose to run for homecoming court. For starters, I think the age old stereotypes winning HOCO are so outdated and more representation of the entire student body is definitely needed. It’s time for someone to be recognized that truly personifies is just how complex Foster High School is and i believe i embody this person authentically.”

What pressure does it put on you? 

Z S: “I don’t feel a lot of pressure at all running for court. It’d be an amazing opportunity just to say that I was considered. At the end of the day who ever wins doesn’t really matter, it’s all about the memories you make along the way, which is basically what high school is.”

D R: “I haven’t felt pressure or stress necessarily rather excitement because it’s more enjoyable then stressful. Also, many of my friends are running so it’s fun to compete against them.”

J F: “It makes me nervous because it’s a 50/50 chance I could be selected.”

P R:”It’s always nerve racking facing the unknown because you can work so hard on something but you never know how it is received by others. I have to remind myself that this whole experience is for fun and supposed to be lighthearted. I think of it as “good pressure” like the kind that you feel before going on a roller coaster.”

How has the experience been? 

Z S: “Lastly it has been fun running and seeing my peers run as well. There are some really great people running with myself and I can’t wait to see who wins.”

D R: “The experience in running for homecoming queen has been pleasing so far. Anyone who knows me knows that I usually keep to myself so this has been a good experience to branch out and get to know more people; and the support I’m getting is really heart warming.

J F: “The experience has been great and enjoyable and it gives me a sense of hope to win because of my amazing friends.”

P R: “Overall, I have learned surprisingly a lot from the last few days. Competition affects people in different ways but I have nothing but respect for my fellow nominees and wish them good luck in their campaign runs; may the worthiest person win!”

Flyer courtesy of Jasmine Faniel
Jasmine Faniel’s homecoming campaign flyer.
Flyer courtesy of Devynn Robinson
Devynn Robinson’s homecoming campaign flyer.
Flyer courtesy of Preston Robinson
Preston Robinson’s homecoming campaign flyer.
Flyer courtesy of Zachary Scott
Zachary Scott’s homecoming campaign flyer.