The unique pets of Foster


Ryleigh Hastedt

Jordan Leighty, Writer

Cats and dogs are two of the most prevalent pets to own in the United States. Foster is no exception. However, Foster also offers some unique and exotic pets as well. 

Junior Ryleigh Hastedt owns a horse named Rambo. 

It’s a lot of work and a lot of money,” Hastedt says. “You don’t just own a horse, it becomes a lifestyle that becomes a part of your daily routine, and there is a lot more high maintenance than people think. 

In contrast, Mr. Herbst, owns a ball python named Ripley who requires surprisingly low amount of maintenance.  

“They’re pretty low maintenance actually,” Herbst said. “You don’t have to do a lot, you just change their water out frequentlybut other than that, it’s just not a whole lot of upkeep.” 

Every pet has their likes and dislikes. Hastedt has figured Rambo’s out.  

“He loves to run just as fast as he can, anywhere, and he likes just playing out in the pasture and rodeoing and chasing calves,” Hastedt said. “He dislikes not getting his food on time.” 

Mr. Herbst has discovered Ripley’s dislikes as well. 

“Rats that don’t want to cooperate we’ve had a couple of them that we’ve actually had to set free ’cause they were too big too smart or something Ripley couldn’t get them,” Herbst said about Ripley’s dislikes. “We had a rat that we put in there that was so feisty that she hunted it for forever and never ended up eating it.” 

Hastedt‘s favorite thing about Rambo is his sweet personality. 

“He’s so sweet and he’s just loves to do anything for you,” Hastedt said. “He has the biggest heart and he’ll never put up a fight. It’s just whatever you say goes.” 

Mr. Herbst’s favorite thing about Ripley is her unique markings.  

“She has really neat markings on her,” Herbst said. “One of them looks like a skull, but all the markings on her are differentShe’s got spots all the way down her body, it’s pretty neat.” 

They both have advice for new snake and horse owners 

“Get a case that’s big enough,” Herbst said about snake ownership. “You need to use the guidelines for how big the cage needs to be for the size of the animal.” 

“Just take in all the information that you can from people and learn as much as you can and try to be around people who really know what they’re talking about,” Hastedt advises new horse owners. 

Pet ownership can be very rewarding experience filled with many ups and downs, ending with memories that can be treasured for a lifetime. 

“I’ve loved horses ever since I was little because my grandma had horses, so she taught me basics of how to ride and things like that and so overtime it grew and I still love it,” Hastedt said.