Football’s road to state

Coach Shaun McDowell and quarterback Ryan Stubblefield talk about the season and this year's plan to get to state.


Kenedy May, Writer

“Foster fight never dies.” It may seem like a silly motto, but there is truth behind it. The idea of going to state in a sport is always desired, but the road to get there is what separates the teams who like the idea of it from the teams who truly want it and we are one of those teams. Without the long days and hard practices, our football team wouldn’t be where it is today: 4-1 at the beginning of the season and number six in the state.

Although the past few years’ attempts at making it to state were cut short, Head Coach Shaun McDowell feels confident in their chances this year.

“I think our road is exactly the same [as last season].” McDowell said. “I think this is kinda like the same team as last year, we lost some good players, but we still have some good ones. I think the experience is the big factor. They played 13 or 14 games last year, so I think that the experience is going to help us along the way. Doing things differently, I think we have different players so we’re gonna be doing a couple things, scheme wise, differently to take advantage of speed or size, but for the most part I think its just business as usual.”

As for what the players think of the road ahead, senior Ryan Stubblefield has the same mindset as his coach when it comes to their chances, but he thinks there are some things the team could improve on to turn this dream into a reality.

“We need to come together more and really have more leaders on the team to keep people accountable for what they’re doing and keep practicing hard,” Stubblefield said. And as for what he thinks he could do as an individual, “Taking more accountability, being more focused, and having hard practices.”

Working hard all year round, the time finally comes where every play and mistake counts and has consequences: playoffs. We need to make it through five rounds of playing the best 5A teams in the area to make it to the final round which is state. This means that we must play one of our biggest competitors: Shadow Creek. Last year they knocked us out of playoffs and with their season being 5-0 right now its likely Foster will have their work cut out for them.

When asked his opinion on why Foster lost to Shadow Creek last year Stubblefield says it was a lack of focus in the end of the game and becoming too cocky for getting a few touchdowns. As for a plan on how we’re going to tackle that game,

“Shadow Creek, just like every other team in our district, they’re super talented” McDowell says. “I think our road just like their road is gonna come through us just like ours is going to go through them. We gotta be prepared to play them twice because they’re a really good team and they’ll go 6A next year so we probably won’t ever play them again, so we need to make sure they remember us.”