Issac Johnson aka Houdini


Michael Bell

Eliah George, Writer

When opponents step on the field to play against the Falcons football team they can expect a healthy dose of pounding cleats and stiff arms and seeing the back of a #9 jersey belonging to senior running back Issac Johnson as he trucks his way into the end zone. Johnson earned the nickname Houdini after the famous illusionist and stunt performer as he [Johnson] makes plays that leaves the defense looking around for him in confusion as he’s already in their backfield with six on the scoreboard.
Star running back Johnson didn’t always produce at his current level, as he worked his way up the ranks to where he is today. “I would credit my success as a running back to my coaches because I switched to running back during my sophomore year and I really didn’t know what I was doing, and they helped me practice, they stayed after [practice] with me and taught me the ropes of running back,” Johnson said.
From Pee Wee football to the NFL players know that the pressure is magnified in a game, but Johnson remains focused as he says, “the main thing that’s going through my head when I’m breaking tackles and rushing for big gains is next play, how much time is on the clock and how many more yards can I get.”
Confident in his skills and knowing his impact on the team Johnson says, “I think the kind of player I am is one that ignites the offense and can always get it started and whenever I’m in the game something big will happen.”
No player is perfect though and Johnson recognizes that as one of the things he says is “[I need to work on] my attitude because whenever we start losing then I start losing my attitude and I start losing focus.”
In the locker room, YoungBoy Never Broke Again’s words “The way I came in the game the image that I had put out they wouldn’t expect me to have feelings know it probably don’t seem like it that’s why they talk about me like I ain’t human, but we all is but I’m still being me,” flow through Johnsons ears as he listens through his earphones to his favorite song Lonely Child in [YoungBoy’s] new album AI YoungBoy 2 to get hyped before kickoff in the locker room.
Johnson is all too familiar with making goals for himself and the team on Varsity as this year he expresses a similar goal as he says “state [is our goal this year], because no class ever has been to state, and I’m thinking this year we could do it.”
Johnson has been spectacular this season so far with 40 carries for 296 yards, 3 touchdowns and a 7.4 average of yards per carry with 0 fumbles along with 4 catches for 51 yards which brings his all-purpose yards to a cool 347 yards in 5 season games he’s played in. Sadly, though Falcons fans will have to go a few weeks without seeing #9 hit the field as he’ll be sidelined with an injury that he sustained in the loss to Friendswood last week. When asked what the extent of the injury was, he replied with “[It’s] a grade 2 ankle sprain I’m supposed to be out 2 to 4 weeks and coming back there’s a lot of rehab and a lot of cryotherapy and icing after practice.”
As coaches say once a player is injured “next man up” and hopefully the Falcons can continue running full speed ahead with Johnson’s support from the sidelines and serving as inspiration to running backs William Lewis, and Jonathan Williams come Friday nights.