Student dress code


Aaliyah Bolanos, Writer

In this opinion piece, it’s a Q&A on how students feel about the dress code on how they think it could be different and there opinion on how it’s handled at our school.

1.How do you feel about dress code at our school ? -Britney Tejada-12

-“If I’m being completely honest with you I don’t really mind the dress code at our school because it really isn’t bad but the only thing that you can say that bothers me is that some people wear really short stuff and they don’t ever get in trouble but if it was somebody else they would get dressed coded real quick. I guess you can say that some people take advantage that our dress code isn’t really that strict.”

2.If you could change anything about the dress code what will it be ?-Daniel Garza-12

-“The one thing I would change about dress code is that I wouldn’t have a dress code because that’s a type of way students can express themselves and it’s what makes us who we are . It’s part of who we are.”

3.How do you feel about our dress code at this school?-Aaron Martinez-12

-”I feel comfortable with the dress code at school because everyone can express themselves here by what they wear. We have a little bit of freedom here at school on the way we dress. The people here really don’t abuse the way they dress at school and they find a way to come to school comfortable Everyday .”

4.If you could change anything about the dress code what will it be? -Andrea Diaz-12

-” This is a hard question because in my opinion the dress code is not really enforced at school some people get away by braking the dress code every day and some don’t but I would change the fact that girls can’t wear off shoulder shirts or tank tops.”

Writers opinion : I fell that people shouldn’t tell us what we can and what we can’t wear everyone has their own style. Then again people shouldn’t cross the line and take advantage of it and wear something really inappropriate or crazy .