Best haunted house


Aaliyah Bolanos, Writer

In this opinion piece, it’s a Q&A on students’ opinion on which is there favorite haunted house and why and their experience when they went.

1.What haunted house is your favorite and why? What was your experience? -Gerardo Ruiz-12

”My favorite haunted house is Redrum fear park and the reason why is because everyone does a good job, actually detailed clown costumes and do a good job to scare you and the house has good designs that look creepy. My favorite experience was when I went with my cousins because that night the haunted house was all creative and the clowns where ready to give you a scare, it was a good time with family.”


2.What haunted house is your favorite and why? What was your experience? -Jewel Davis -12

”My favorite haunted house is 13th floor haunted house this is my favorite because it has many different attractions. During my visit I went to each attraction and experience different type of scare each time, I seen clowns, famous Halloween killers, mummies and more. The workers make everything seem so real and it starts to make you think if the experience is real.”


3. What haunted house is your favorite and why? What was your experience? -Gustavo Maldonado-12 “My favorite haunted house has to be Redrum fear park because that’s the only haunted house I’ve been so far and its actually pretty good I enjoyed it and had so much fun. When I went I didn’t know what I was getting myself into and when I was walking through there I jumped when people jumped out of nowhere to the point where I wanted to hit them of how scared I was. The most part that got me scared when we where at the end of the journey some dude comes out running from the dark with a chainsaw and I was like oh no.”

Writers opinion – My all-time favorite haunted house has to be the “13th floor” haunted house that’s the only one I’ve been too, and it was an incredible experience it was so much fun and very scary. That day I went with my 4 cousins and honestly that’s the worst people to go with because they scare you even more, but it was well worth it the amount of time we were in there was good. There so many details and extractions to it, I will definitely go again.