Cross country’s successful season

Twins, Maddie and Macie Ellis, tell about the win at districts, the success at regionals, and how they qualified for state!


Kenedy May, Writer

Early mornings, hard practices daily, and hard work all contributed to the girls cross country team’s successful season: winning districts, sixth place at regionals, and two girls qualifying for state. Twin sisters, Macie and Maddie Ellis, both qualified for state with Maddie running an 18:54 to secure fourth place and Macie coming in at fifteenth with just 0.2 between her and sixteenth place.

“I got to stand at the finish line and watch her,” Maddie said, “and she was in sixteenth and she was so far behind this girl, but she kicked so hard and ran so fast and chased that girl down and passed her on the line. She beat her by 0.2 of a second and made it to state! It was insane.”

With back to back success these past three big meets, the girls’ team has been celebrating their hard work paying off.

“I wasn’t surprised about winning districts because we had put all the work in and I knew we were gonna do good,” Macie said. “The team, we partied and played music on the bus ride home and we went to Chick-fil-A. Then me and Maddie went home and ate almond butter and chocolate milk together. We knew we couldn’t go too crazy because we still had to train for state.”

Although they should celebrate their season thus far, Maddie and Macie know there’s still work to be done and the season isn’t over just yet. They still have to train for state.

“Less mileage and tapering which is kind of hard because we want to be fresh on the line,” Maddie said. “We don’t have anything after it so we don’t have to do as much work because our fitness has already been established. All the hard work is over and were just trying to be fresh.”