Aaliyah Bolanos, Writer

As a kid you’ve grown up with a talent that is always stuck with you and you absolutely love and enjoy to do his talent is soccer he enjoys everything about it to the good and the bad he tries to be his absolute best at it even when it gets challenging that doesn’t stop him from playing on that field .

Ricky Rivera is a junior at Foster High School this is his third year on varsity soccer. He’s happy on what he has accomplished till now and will continue making his loved ones proud . He’s ready for this years season so he can show people what soccer is about .

 “My experience on varsity has taught me how fast the sport can be played and how hard it can get , the amount of effort that has to be put in a a single person,” Rivera said.

What Ricky enjoys most about the sport is just simply knowing how to play it because not everyone can . He’s able to enjoy that experience and that opportunity with close friends .

“My biggest motivator is my team, because just watching everyone put their effort in one sport makes me do the same everyone has to be on the same page. We motivate each other as a team and support each other so we can be the best,” Rivera said.

Ricky practices and trains with older people that way he can be more prepared for his games he learns better playing with older people because they have more experience. His position is defense he trains on that as well .

”The best thing for me is just playing for my home team hearing fans cheer and being that person who fans cheer for , calling out my name , making them happy and being able to show them what Foster soccer really looks like,” Rivera said.