Alyssa Rodriguez, Story Writer

Formal name of organization: DECA

Sponsor: Mrs.Briscoe

Total number of members: 43

Officers’ Names & Classifications

  • President: Blake Barber
  • Vice-President: Yusef Haikal
  • Secretary: Makayla Randolph
  • Treasurer: Natalie Bachir
  • Director of Communications: Nancy Bachir
  • Special Events Coordinator: Jayla Bilbo


  • Time & place of meetings: Room 1512, Thursday at 3:40

Do you attend district or state conventions?: Yes, District January 20, 2018 at Ridge Point Highschool. If we advance, state competition would be in Dallas on February 20-22, 2018.

Source of funds (fundraising projects, membership dues, etc.): Membership dues include national DECA member and a t-shirt

Use of money (donations, etc.): Mrs.Briscoe prints large posters, fatheads. DECA also runs the School Store

Awards and/or honors won by members: Last year 16 competed at District, all 16 advanced to state. Of those, 4 advanced to nationals in Anaheim, CA.

Notable facts for this year (record memberships, new activities, achievements, etc.): Membership is up from last year. We are looking to have more students compete.

Activities (not service projects): We had a fall social. Take field trips to Rockets and Astros game to learn more about sports and entertainment marketing.