Grammer named December’s Teacher of the Month

Going around the school to different classes and trying to be in two places at once isn’t the easiest thing to do. If you don’t know Mrs. Grammer, she is the December Teacher of the Month.

Mrs. Grammar has been in the education field for 25  years and on our campus for three years. She began her career in Victoria for 17 years then transferred here. Her desire for teaching was making sure everyone who wants a education gets it.

“I started out teaching high schoolers as a secretary and what really drew me to teaching high schoolers was the students and the talks we have,” Mrs. Grammer said. “Talking to them about what’s going on in the world is good for them because they’re the ones going out in the world and I just want to help them succeed.”

She believes high school students are all totally capable of being the greatest person in whatever field they choose as long they are motivated and taught that their time is very important and to take as much advantage of it as they can.

“All students seem to have a lot of things on their plate,” Grammer said. “For example, they are always working job or extra-curricular activities and don’t quite take care of all of their business at home. Although they know their consequences, which is that if they don’t take care of their school work, the grades will show it and suffer.”

Although school can be challenging for students, she tries to make it as fun as possible.

“Being teacher of the month is a great honor and I very well appreciate all the people that were voting for me.”

— Mrs.Grammar

“I try to make learning fun for students by telling them math is the best subject ever, since math classes are what I teach in,” Grammer said. “I jump around and tell them don’t y’all want to have fun and math? and the students says no but I still try to make it as fun as possible.”

Grammer encourages students to do their best, to know that they can succeed and become who they want to be.

“I am glad there are students who’s life I impacted,” she said. “There are a couple of students I’ve had in the past that has been very successful through college since their home life was something that was less desirable and when I got the pictures of them graduating college, it’s things like that that make me smile.”